A Brief History

Begun on June 9, 1948 in Allenton, Missouri, and moved to Hilltop Villages in Eureka, Missouri on June 8, 1975, St. Mark’s Lutheran Ministry continues to share the love of God in Jesus Christ through words and actions with all people. Through its various ministries in the past, present, and future, the people of St. Mark’s have always hoped that more people would be connected to Jesus so that they can experience a full life now and forever.

With a passion to connect people to Jesus, St. Mark’s continues to be involved in extending God’s love through numerous mission opportunities. St. Mark’s Lutheran Day School (since 1982) reaches out to and serves the children and families of the surrounding communities with a Christ-centered education delivering academic excellence. In the community, the people of St. Mark’s bring Christ’s compassion to the homeless, the blind, and those who are in need of everyday necessities. In the world, St. Mark’s children, youth and adults share Christ’s compassion through mission partnerships inside and outside the United States.
With a strong history rooted in passionate response to God’s love in Jesus, St. Mark’s looks forward to the future and the many ways God will work to bring Christ’s compassion to life.