Core Values



We grow in our relationships with God by encountering Him in His Word. Here He changes us and moves us to follow Him more closely. Through His Word, people are brought to faith in Jesus and grow in that faith.


In response to what God has done for us in Jesus, we desire to develop and exercise our vertical relationships with God. Worship is an event, yes. As we gather to worship, God resources us with His presence in His Word and through His Supper. We experience His love in the worship event. AND, as we are loved by Him, worship becomes more than an event – worship becomes LIFE. Day in and day out, we offer our bodies, our lives, our resources, as living sacrifices to Him.


Receiving from God (Word and Worship) motivates giving back to Him (Worship and World) in our horizontal relationships – our relationships with people. God desires to transform the world by bringing Christ’s compassion to life through us so that the world may come to trust in and live for Jesus. Our worlds begin right outside of us, and we give out God’s love in Jesus in our relationships and through our ministries.